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Board of Trustees' Minutes - 2012



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Friday, September 14, 2012


Board members present: Charles Barrett Jr., Chairman of the Board; Philip J. Pfeiffer, Vice Chairman of the Board; Rev. Martin A. Solma, S.M., Chancellor of St. Mary’s University; Thomas M. Mengler, J.D., President; Martin D. Beirne Jr.; Helen M. Berridge; Jack Biegler; Edward Boyle; Brother William J. Campbell, S.M., Ed.D.; Raymond R. Carvajal; R. Michael Casseb; Rebecca Quintanilla Cedillo; David Courreges; Robert Elizondo; Ruben M. Escobedo; Gisela Girard; Brother Joseph Kamis, S.M.; Sister Laura M. Leming, F.M.I., Ph.D.; Norma Martinez Lozano; Harvey Najim; Fernando Reyes; Kenneth S. Saks; Michael A. “Mickey” Schott; Doris A. Slay–Barber; Brother Edward Violett, S.M., Ph.D.; Brother Thomas Wendorf, S.M., Ph.D.

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